Kickstart Projects

The North End Smart District is an area of Charlotte seeing an increase in investments and economic development. The City is asking residents to be part of the co-creation and co-implementation of four kick start projects that set the tone of how to have equitable community engagement and true collaboration so that the new investments distribute benefits and burdens equitably in this historic and culturally rich part of the city.

The intent is to establish much needed projects and attract more like it as well as build social capital through relationships. These first four projects for 2017-18 are funded through a Partners for Place Racial Equity Grant awarded to the City by the Urban Sustainability Director’s Network ($75,000) with matching funds from The Knight Foundation ($50,000) and Ortho Carolina ($25,000). These funds are used to implement the co-developed projects and the community engagement required to build the collaboration between community and the City.

Kickstart Requirements

Venn diagram of the four goals of the Kickstart Projects
  1. Community Goals and Feedback

    The North End community has priorities of what investments are needed to thrive as a resident.

  2. City’s Goals through Data Analytics

    The City has priorities as it relates to economic, ecological, and social sustainability that can be measured through data.

  3. Able to Implement within a 12-month Timeframe

    The project should be implemented within a short timeframe.

  4. Builds Collaborative Partnerships Between Residents, City, Businesses, and Others.

    It takes us all to be the positive difference we want in Charlotte so the goal is to build relationships of trust and accountability through working on projects together.

Kickstart Projects

Tech Charlotte

This initiative has three parts: 1) funding summer internships in the technology field, 2) providing a free co-working space for residents to access internet and other technological resources, and 3) providing a year of free public WiFi in Dillehay Courts.

Smart Homes

The goal of the Smart Homes Kick Start Project is to reduce the cost burden of high utility bills and resource waste through weatherization, training, and smart technology in partnership with service providers and innovative companies.

Healthy Communities

Through the Healthy Communities program participants in the North End of Charlotte learn how health and the environment impact each other and how proper waste management can decrease these impacts.

Build Your Own Kickstart

This project was set up to maximize community influence and decision making. The community has conceptualized and is working to implement their own Farmers Market in the North End to meet the need for fresh produce in the community.